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From October 19th every Saturday at 12.10, Mica pizza and figs arrives on La7, the new format dedicated to one of the symbols of Italian cultural identity and among the most well-known, loved and celebrated foods in the world: pizza.

Conducted by Tinto and realized at the Osteria di Birra del Borgo in Rome, in each episode a famous person will make a gourmet pizza of his own invention, helped by a famous and renowned pizza maker from Italy. The VIP, however, will also have to engage in the role of waiter and serve 10 special customers, belonging to notes and non-profit organizations, which constitute a real popular jury.

The VIP, having served a special appetizer prepared ad hoc by Luca Pezzetta, the home baker, will have to convince the largest number of customers to order the pizza of his invention, having as the only other proposal the Margherita, made by the master pizza maker of the episode .

At the end of the episode the VIP will be evaluated by the jury for the service performed as a waiter. While the quality of his pizza, will be judged by the master pizza maker who will decide if he is worthy or not to enter the menu of his restaurant.

Among the VIP celebrities – who will be tested in the art of pizza over the weeks – there will be Ema Stokholma, Anna Falchi, Antonello Fassari, Massimiliano Rosolino, Roberta Capua, Maurizio Battista, Michele La Ginestra, Federico Quaranta, Marco Marzocca, Adriana Volpe.

The team of the most renowned pizza makers of our country will instead be formed by Antonio Polzella, Petra Antolini, Gino Sorbillo, Paola Cappuccio, Francesco Martucci, Gianni Di Lella, Simone Padoan, Renato Bosco, Sergio Russo, Alessio Mattaccini.

Mica Pizza e fichi is a program produced for La7 by RGFactory.


New season of the program in which the regional cuisine becomes the protagonist. 20 traditional chefs challenge each other with typical dishes and genuine flavors to win the title of Best Regional Chef of Italy.

Also this edition sees the head chef Alessandro Borghese, who will follow the challengers step by step during all the tests, while the renowned chefs Gennaro Esposito and Cristiano Tomei will evaluate the dishes prepared by the competitors. A challenge between regions with traditional recipes, which will reward commitment, dedication, true talent but above all the most innovative and original dish.

Featured from 5 to 11 TV season


“As king of pizza, Bonci plays the role of pizza hero in ‘Pizza Hero – The challenge of the ovens’, program starting on January 28th, in the early evening, on Nove precisely. A challenge of doughs never seen before on TV. To tell us some anticipation on the transmission was the same Gabriele, ready for this new challenge”


A city of food in the country of biodiversity. It is Fico (or even Eataly World), the largest agri-food park in the world.

An area of 100 thousand square meters (10 hectares) dedicated to Italian biodiversity and craftsmanship capable of transforming raw materials into quality food. Segrè: “Fico is born as a project of food education” and for this, we have put online the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna, the new agri-food center, and Fico through a circular economy protocol, signed under the watchful eyes of the Minister of Environment.”

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